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Sold at Amazon…

I was reading boingboing, and someone found uranium ore for sale on Amazon. Sadly, the page no longer functions on Amazon.

But we have Google, and Google never forgets. Here is the link to the cache of the original page.

Why would Amazon even take this page down? What’s even more interesting is that the comments are still active. I think the comments are even better than the fact they were selling uranium at all. Take this one:

I bought a can of this about 4.5 billion years ago, give or take a few million years, but when I went to use it today I noticed only half of it was still in the can. I swear I put the lid on tight. I’d give it more stars if it came in a better package.

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Man robs store with stapler…

… in Ashland, KY of all places.

A while back, a guy tried to rob a store in Ashland after covering his face in duct tape.

This time, a guy held up the store at stapler point. This part of the story is awesome (emphasis mine):

Ashland Police Capt. Don Petrella said he didn’t know if Rocchi planned to shoot staples at the shop’s employees or use it as a blunt instrument if he didn’t get the cash.

Really, shoot staples at the employees? That’s serious!

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“It keeps the animals away.”

Hot off the heels of a stupid criminal back in Ashland, comes an even better one here in Greensboro.

So this 71 year old woman was caught growing pot in her front yard. A sheriff deputy saw the four foot tall plant growing in her yard while he was driving by. Her reason for keeping it there? From the article, “she said it was a special plant used to keep animals away from her garden.”

Umm… sure. And the bong found inside? Maybe it was the smoke that kept the animals away, not the plant itself? Yeah, that’s it.

But I’m also wondering about this: it has been ridiculously hot here all month. How in the world did this pot plant not wilt like our entire garden did? If anything, she’s pretty good at gardening.

One more thing… a daughter was living there too and didn’t know the plants were there. Really? Are you that oblivious to miss a 4 foot tall pot plant in your front yard? Maybe you were smoking some of that stuff too?

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Flashback to Ashland…

I saw this article about a would-be robber at a liquor store in Ashland, Kentucky. I spent the first six months of my career with Honeywell in Ashland, and I’m fairly certain I’ve been to that liquor store.

Watch the story on the page, it is hilarious.

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Simpsonize Me

I stumbled on this blog entry about uploading a picture of yourself to this site, and it making drawing of you in the style of the Simpsons. All you have to do is ignore the blatant advertising all around, but I guess the program doesn’t write itself…

So I tried it this afternoon. I tried it this evening. I just tried it again. And it doesn’t work.

It looks neat, and I sure would like to try it. I’ve seen opinions on both sides, going from loving it to absolutely hating it.

What do you think? Could you even get it to work?

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The local news has been making a big deal about today’s date. So what? Does that mean anything is going to be any luckier today? It’s amazing how people will look for coincidences, or try to find meaning where there is none.

My day hasn’t started off any luckier than any other day. Unless you count Julia only throw one piece of her breakfast at me instead of multiple pieces lucky.

If anything, all those people getting married today won’t have any excuse to forget their anniversary. That might be luckiest thing to come out of it for the guys.

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Daily Lit

Check out Daily Lit. It’s a site that e-mails you chunks of a book, at your pace. I’m reading The Jungle right now. It’s 170 parts long, and I’m a bit more than half way.

It’s a really simple way to read a book when you’re busy and don’t have a whole lot of time to sit down with a book. Most of the books are in the public domain, but that still leaves a lot of good books to read.

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Line Rider

Have you ever played with Line Rider? It’s a bit of a toy, where you draw a track for a little person on a sled to ride along. I had played with it months ago, but it just keeps coming up in my news feeds. It’s a beautifully simple concept, and achieves absolutely ridiculous results.

Someone went to the trouble of recreating the first level from Super Mario Bros. in Line Rider. Below is the video.

I couldn’t believe the amount of time someone actually put into creating this. All of my creations have basically been building a big ramp, then launching my guy on the sled into space. Sometimes, I would try to have him land on something else.

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The Worst Show on TV?

My vote is for [tag]National Bingo Night[/tag].

We watched the first “card” and I decided it had to be one of the cheapest shows I’ve ever seen. With the awful cut shots and ridiculous hype, the weird zooming in on people, the bizarre animation, the bad sponsorship (K-Mart? really?) and the low budget “cast” (host with British(?) accent, requisite model/ball handler, and odd Indian “commissioner”), the show didn’t make much sense.

Here’s the deal: contestant guesses whether the next ball drawn is higher or lower than previous ball. If contestant is right, they score the value of the ball. If not, they get nothing. Their goal is to reach 500 “miles” (lame reach for the NASCAR crowd), they win. But if someone gets Bingo by the time they hit 500, they lose and get nothing. One more thing, the audience member getting Bingo gets a $5,000 shopping spree to K-Mart.

Yippee… I could get 52 Martha Stewart Everyday Damask Blooms Comforters with it, and still have a few dollars left over.


Upgrade Complete

The WordPress portion is complete, now I’m making sure all the plugins still work like they are supposed to.