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“It keeps the animals away.”

Hot off the heels of a stupid criminal back in Ashland, comes an even better one here in Greensboro.

So this 71 year old woman was caught growing pot in her front yard. A sheriff deputy saw the four foot tall plant growing in her yard while he was driving by. Her reason for keeping it there? From the article, “she said it was a special plant used to keep animals away from her garden.”

Umm… sure. And the bong found inside? Maybe it was the smoke that kept the animals away, not the plant itself? Yeah, that’s it.

But I’m also wondering about this: it has been ridiculously hot here all month. How in the world did this pot plant not wilt like our entire garden did? If anything, she’s pretty good at gardening.

One more thing… a daughter was living there too and didn’t know the plants were there. Really? Are you that oblivious to miss a 4 foot tall pot plant in your front yard? Maybe you were smoking some of that stuff too?