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The local news has been making a big deal about today’s date. So what? Does that mean anything is going to be any luckier today? It’s amazing how people will look for coincidences, or try to find meaning where there is none.

My day hasn’t started off any luckier than any other day. Unless you count Julia only throw one piece of her breakfast at me instead of multiple pieces lucky.

If anything, all those people getting married today won’t have any excuse to forget their anniversary. That might be luckiest thing to come out of it for the guys.

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Tell me about it. So far, our day has been anything but lucky. First, we realized the car had been towed yesterday (fortunately to a street two blocks over, rather than to an impound lot – but still a $100 ticket), and we couldn’t get anyone on the phone to find out where it was. On a hunch, we checked two streets over. Then, we went to have coffee and had no sugar, so Isaac had to go back out for it. Then, he was pouring the sugar into the container we keep it in, and it started coming out of both ends of the box, so there was sugar all over the floor and counter. Then, while he was cleaning that up, I dropped and broke a plate. Thank god we didn’t decide to get married today!

But — If Susan and Isaac had gotten married on 7/7, the car probably would have been with them wherever it turns out they are going to be married and therefore, wouldn’t have been in DC to be towed; they wouldn’t have been home to spill the sugar or break the plate, so maybe it would have been luckier if they did get married.

Getting married on 7/7/07 is so cliche though. Sure, you and 100,000 other people will share the same anniversary, but so what? And let’s not forget that getting married on 7/7/07 would have cost a lot more than other dates.

And what’s up with trying to get Susan married off so soon? Good things take time…

Personally, I’m one of the people who like the uniformity of all the same numbers, and if I don’t know any of the other 100,000 people, so what? You have absolutely no idea how many people were married on the same day you were, so I don’t see any difference in this date. And I’m not trying to get Susan married off any sooner than she wants to be. Whatever date she chooses and wherever she chooses is fine with me. She can also try for 8/8/08 or 9/9/09.

What about 10/10/10? 🙂

I know that a lot more people were married on 7/7/07 than were married on 3/22/03. (see, I even remembered, and how about all them 2s and 3s?)

10/10/10 is a very cool date. I’m kind of hoping that will be a grandchild’s birthday rather than a wedding date! (No pressure at all, Susan and Isaac.)

Ummm, yeah, I think 10/10/10 is a little too far away for a wedding, and too soon for a kid. Sorry. Maybe Joe and Sharon will be ready for a third by then. I think we’re pretty determined to get married sometime in the year 2008.

Hey now, don’t throw me under the bus here Susan. The baby machine is closed until further notice!

You guys better play nice. I kinda like 10/10/10 myself. Whatever date you pick Susan & Issac, it will be YOUR date. Good Luck.

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