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Simpsonize Me

I stumbled on this blog entry about uploading a picture of yourself to this site, and it making drawing of you in the style of the Simpsons. All you have to do is ignore the blatant advertising all around, but I guess the program doesn’t write itself…

So I tried it this afternoon. I tried it this evening. I just tried it again. And it doesn’t work.

It looks neat, and I sure would like to try it. I’ve seen opinions on both sides, going from loving it to absolutely hating it.

What do you think? Could you even get it to work?

One reply on “Simpsonize Me”

I tried it and got a really funky result (think Picasso, with an eye and an ear in the same spot). It wasn’t a great picture to use though – it had both me and Isaac, and I was wearing sunglasses. I want to try again with a better picture, but don’t have one accessible right now – nor do I have the time at the moment. It loads really slowly.

I think I need a cheeseburger now…

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