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The Worst Show on TV?

My vote is for [tag]National Bingo Night[/tag].

We watched the first “card” and I decided it had to be one of the cheapest shows I’ve ever seen. With the awful cut shots and ridiculous hype, the weird zooming in on people, the bizarre animation, the bad sponsorship (K-Mart? really?) and the low budget “cast” (host with British(?) accent, requisite model/ball handler, and odd Indian “commissioner”), the show didn’t make much sense.

Here’s the deal: contestant guesses whether the next ball drawn is higher or lower than previous ball. If contestant is right, they score the value of the ball. If not, they get nothing. Their goal is to reach 500 “miles” (lame reach for the NASCAR crowd), they win. But if someone gets Bingo by the time they hit 500, they lose and get nothing. One more thing, the audience member getting Bingo gets a $5,000 shopping spree to K-Mart.

Yippee… I could get 52 Martha Stewart Everyday Damask Blooms Comforters with it, and still have a few dollars left over.