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May I go potty?

The leader of the most powerful country in the free world appears to need permission before going to the bathroom. Not only that, he isn’t exactly sure he needs to use the bathroom. The scribble says “I think I may need a bathroom break?”

I know when I need to go the bathroom. Heck, even my cat knows when she needs to go. Of course, this is getting blown way out of proportion. But hey, it’s fun to make fun of him.


Non-returnable toliet seat

I learned a lesson from Home Depot today. You can not return a toilet seat after the plastic wrap has been removed.

We purchased a toliet seat yesterday, hoping to replace one of the nastier toliet seats left behind. I opened the box, ripped off the plastic wrap, and noticed the hinge was cracked. Today, I returned to the store, only to find out that if it has been opened, it can not be returned. I was completely stunned by this, not thinking that someone might actually “use” the toliet seat, then have the gall to return it. It had a crack, I wanted to exchange it for one without a crack.

After a couple minutes, some bewildered looks, and a call for a manager, the person from plumbing called back. They would take it back, after all. Of course, when I went back to get another one, there were none of the style we picked left. So I had to spend a couple dollars more to get a similar, uncracked, toliet seat.

So if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s this – Examine a toliet seat before removing the plastic wrap. A strange lesson for sure.


Fast Food Nation

I read Fast Food Nation on my flight to Phoenix, and it was pretty disturbing, especially the section on the meat packing industry. It also had a pretty damning account of the fast food industry and it’s marketing practices towards kids.

Even knowing all this, I still ate at Wendy’s tonight. And it seemed like any other Wendy’s that I’ve ever been to, with just a slightly different color scheme. The most disturbing part of it was just that there were so many kids there, eating the fries, drinking soda – not exactly eating well.