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Flashback to Ashland…

I saw this article about a would-be robber at a liquor store in Ashland, Kentucky. I spent the first six months of my career with Honeywell in Ashland, and I’m fairly certain I’ve been to that liquor store.

Watch the story on the page, it is hilarious.

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OK, so I tend to skip around when I start reading something, and this is the first line I saw:

“Police say Kasey Kazee walked in to the store with duct tape wrapped around his head to conceal his face.”

DUCT TAPE? Around his FACE???

Next up:
“…a wooden club wrapped with duct tape…” WHAT?!

The video….classic. That guy is totally a meth head!

Now that I’ve wiped away the tears from laughing so hard, here’s my favorite comment: “I think what we need here is stricter duct tape laws. If there was a five day waiting period & background checks for the purchasing of duct tape, this unfortunate incident would not have almost happened.”

I know exactly how you felt Joe. I thought the same thing when I saw the article. I’m almost positive we went to that store. I can’t believe what that guy was thinking, but hey, now he’s infamous, right? I wonder if there have been any copycats since then.

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