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Conversations With Julia – Part 4

More gold from Julia…

A few days ago, I had given Julia and Kaitlyn their vitamins. They love it; Sharon or I can just say “Who wants vitamins?” and they jump up and down and run to the kitchen.

Anyway, I give them their vitamins, and remind them to say “Thank You.” Most of the time, they are good about it, but they had forgotten that night.

Julia and Kaitlyn: Thank You.
Me: You’re welcome. I want my girls to be kind.
Julia: Kind?
Me: Yes, kind is to be nice to other people.
Julia, thinking for a few seconds: I’m not kind… I’m pretty.

At that point, it struck me that we’re raising a diva…

2 replies on “Conversations With Julia – Part 4”

Well, the rest of us have known that you’re raising a diva for a couple of years now. The scary part is that SHE has now realized it!

That’s true – we have known that Julia would be a diva. I’ve just been trying to hold out hope that maybe it wouldn’t happen.

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