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Gingerbread Cookies Decorations

The girls decorated a lot of gingerbread cookies today. They made each of the cookies with no help from me or Sharon. All we did was move them to racks so they wouldn’t get broken.

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Julia’s second day of school. She’s just as excited as yesterday.


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Christmas Pageant Time

Julia was the narrator at the preschool Christmas Pageant today. She did a great job reading while all the other kids took their turns to walk on stage. We’re so proud of her!

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Note 1 – You may need to turn the volume up to hear Julia speaking.

Note 2 – The video file is 26mb. Depending on your connection, you may need to give it a moment to fill the buffer.

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Julia, Soccer Star

Julia played soccer early this summer. I had everything ready to post, but never got to finish it. Pesky publish button…

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Pictures from Knoebels

All the pictures from Knoebels, July 2010.

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Fun at Knoebels

Susan came up for a few days earlier in the week, and we spent one day at Knoebels. Julia and Kaitlyn had a fantastic time.

For all of the pictures, go here.

Click the link to see the rest of the pictures from our trip to Knoebels.

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Myrtle Beach, Julia’s Soap Bubble

On the last day of the trip, we went the Children’s Museum of South Carolina. There was a soap bubble wand you stand in and pull up all around.

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Myrtle Beach, Grandpa Monster

Grandpa Fox was acting the role of “Grandpa Monster” with the girls. The girls decided to get back by roaring back.

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Julia’s Birthday

We celebrated Julia’s 4th birthday last week with a little party. We had a bunch of pizza dough, all the kids rolled out their own little pizza, decorated them, and ate their creation.

After the pizza, it was time for cake. Julia absolutely loved everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to her. Later on, it was time for presents. Guess what? Julia loved that too.

See more pictures from Julia’s party here.

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Kaitlyn and Julia decided to sing the ABCs. But it wasn’t enough to just sing them, they needed to stand on the “stage” while singing.

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Oh yeah, so my hiatus is over and I’ll be back to semi-regular posting again.