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Sharon on TV

Our home builder, THP, laid off all their employees on Monday, leaving us with a half finished community. The local NBC affiliate was in the area yesterday afternoon, looking for people who had placed deposits on houses, only to be left with nothing. (Note to NBC10: they don’t live here yet because their house isn’t finished.)

Sharon went out there to talk with some other homeowners, and ended up getting pushed into an interview. She ended up in the clip below. It’s toward the end of the clip, and I think what they used really makes it look like Sharon is losing a deposit.

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Wow, that really sucks. I’m no lawyer (oh, wait), but I smell a lawsuit somewhere in here. Definitely get with some attorneys in the area, or someone from Philly.

You’re right (Susan and Amy).

I’m sure there will be plenty of lawsuits. Wachovia has three pending right now, and the news has urged anyone jilted to contact the Attorney General. Then we found out today that the Attorney General is already investigating. Then, the employees weren’t paid for the last two weeks of work, so I’m sure the Dept of Labor is going to get involved too.

That’s good – they can’t get away with something like this. I would imagine they had to have some kind of contract with the township before starting to avoid exactly this kind of situation, so the town should get in on it too.

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