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Gingerbread Cookies Decorations

The girls decorated a lot of gingerbread cookies today. They made each of the cookies with no help from me or Sharon. All we did was move them to racks so they wouldn’t get broken.


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Sharon’s Birthday

Today was Sharon’s birthday, and she had a bit of a surprise done to her car today.

We finished the day by going to see Shrek with a bunch of friends from the neighborhood. It was a great time!

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Julia’s Birthday

We celebrated Julia’s 4th birthday last week with a little party. We had a bunch of pizza dough, all the kids rolled out their own little pizza, decorated them, and ate their creation.

After the pizza, it was time for cake. Julia absolutely loved everyone singing “Happy Birthday” to her. Later on, it was time for presents. Guess what? Julia loved that too.

See more pictures from Julia’s party here.

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We had our share of Snowmageddon here over the last few days.

On the first storm last weekend, we got more than 12″, but with the blowing snow, it’s hard to tell exactly what we got. This is what it looked like after the storm.

The second storm came in Tuesday night and Wednesday. Here are some pictures from that storm.

And the final aftermath.

It took a few hours to clean out the driveway. The snow in between the driveways is probably four feet high in most places.

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Kaitlyn Makes a Pretzel

We were doing a little shopping yesterday, and I found a pretzel making kit. It included all the yeast and flour needed. At the time, it seemed like something good for Julia and Kaitlyn to do with Grandma and Grandpa B.

Kaitlyn really enjoyed it, as demonstrated by this video.

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She sure knows how to take credit for her handiwork!

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Back Again

After a long absence, I’m going to fire up this blog again.

So what’s happened in the last couple months?

  • Kaitlyn turned 2 a few weeks ago. We went to the Please Touch Museum for her birthday instead of having a party. But then we ended up having an impromptu gathering anyway.
  • I was in Chicago for a couple days in May, then in Phoenix for 10 days in June, then in New Orleans for a day and Dallas for a day. All work related stuff.
  • We went to NY for 4th of July.
  • Julia has finally done #2 on the potty – after an epic struggle. Though it seems like no amount of bribes can help get her to do with any regularity.
  • Rick, Niki, Collin, and Caelie visited for a couple days. We went to Philly and saw all the historical stuff – Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, but not the Mint. No cameras allowed, and with nowhere to leave it, we’re out of luck.

Stay tuned for some more pictures too. I’ve got some queued up already, and more are at the ready.

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Julia Draws a Face

Julia has figured out how to draw a face on her magnetic board. She has always drawn random stuff, but yesterday was the first time she has actually started to draw faces.


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Julia “Driving”

Julia and Kaitlyn have a habit of taking stuff out of the cabinet next to the dishwasher and climbing in. Julia calls it her “car”, and frequently tells me or Sharon that she’s “going to the store” to get groceries like milk, waffles, or bagels.

Today, Julia was doing her thing, getting ready to go somewhere. She got in, announced she was leaving, and closed the cabinet door. Suddenly, Kaitlyn opens the door.

Julia is inside, with her hands up as if there was really a steering wheel in the cabinet, and she was actually driving. She was a bit startled by Kaitlyn opening the cabinet suddenly, so immediately went to close the door. I got a good laugh from the whole bit.