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I’ve been up since about 12:30am, when Sharon got me and told me it was my turn to feed Julia. Around 2:00am, I finally got Julia to sleep. Her next feeding was around 4:00am, and I’m getting ready to hand off Julia to Sharon so I might be able to get to sleep before the sun rises. Anyway, just some totally random thoughts that I’ve had lately:

    Thank goodness the Olympics are on now. There is nothing on TV, unless horrible movies on Spike count.
    On a related note, late night TV commercials are horrible. Informercials for juicers, old TV shows, and Girls Gone Wild are even worse.
    Julia can be calmed down (sort of) by putting her in her car seat, then placing the car seat on the dryer and running it. It really works.
    Babies make many random noises. Julia grunts, snorts, sighs, and has many hiccups.
    We had a little snow yesterday. Since it was very warm (about 70) on Friday, it melted when it hit the road. But it did coat the grass. How is that reported here? We got a half inch of snow. Whatever.
    I think Fiona (the kitty) is a bit jealous of Julia. She likes the bassinet, and we have had to make sure that Fiona doesn’t try to get in the bassinet while Julia is in there. It happened once, but Julia didn’t even notice.
    I’ve got a lot of pictures of Julia that I want to scan and put online. Of course, I need some time to do it. I also want to revamp the picture gallery. And upgrade the blog to v2. All in due time, I guess.

Well, it’s starting to get a little light out. I need to get to sleep before it gets too bright.

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Fiona most likely isn’t jealous of Julia, she more so is her protector. Believe us when Fallon was born, we had to cats at the time and one of them was always in the crib with her. They do know that the baby is small. The same cat Tyle,r still sleeps with Fallon today.

For the most part, I agree that Fiona will be her protector, but I think that will happen eventually. So far, Fiona hasn’t really seemed to take an interest in Julia, except when she is screaming. Then Fiona’s ears flare back because she is being disturbed.

I’m also thinking that the kitty also sees Julia as a temporary visitor, because we had quite a few people over when we first got home from the hospital, and they’ve all left.

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