Sleep is Good!


I never knew how much I loved sleep. I was never one to stay up all night, ever. I never pulled at all-nighter at school. (Staying out all night drinking doesn’t count!)

The last few nights have been pretty restless, though they do seem to be getting better. Though the days do seem to be blurring together. We didn’t even know it was Valentine’s Day until we saw it on the Today Show.

Julia has been a bit fussy lately. She doesn’t really like sleeping by herself yet. And I think she might have her days and nights mixed up. So I’ve been up for a bit at night, but Sharon has been up much more at night than I have been.

Anyway, here’s some more pictures.

2 replies on “Sleep is Good!”

Welcome to the club, givve us your address so we can send Julia something.

Joe – Could you please take a better picture of Sharon with the baby and put it on your site? I have a collage as my screen saver, but the one I have of Sharon looks like she’s been put through the wringer (which she was!)

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