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Comparing Julia with Susan

After Julia was born, Sharon thought she looked a lot like me. We were curious to see my baby pictures and compare them with Julia. We also wanted to see how she looked compared to Susan as a newborn. Susan sent us a picture as a newborn, and the similarities are striking. Susan put the pictures side by side and sent it to me.

Susan and Julia

Obviously, Susan is on the left, Julia on the right. It’s amazing how similar they look.

7 replies on “Comparing Julia with Susan”

i just noticed – she’s even doing the same sort of thing with her bottom lip as i was! too funny. maybe you’ll get lucky and she’ll have my attitude too!

I don’t think you and Sharon really need to deal with an attitude like Susan…..but then, we had to deal with her and she turned out just fine, so maybe the two of you will be as lucky.

Susan, I think you’ve got a mini-me now!

I can see Julia having an attitude too. Sharon is stubborn and I can be stubborn, so you know that Julia will be too. Funny thing last night – after I changed her diaper (#2), I picked her up and she farted. Then she looked around and had this smirk. Then she smiled. Attitude? I think so.

i think if you look past the extra pudge in the cheeks (after all, i was more than a pound bigger, which is a lot to spread over 20 inches), there are quite a few similarities. but to each his own opinion, i guess. however, there is always a comparison between two things – you can compare apples and oranges. they may be quite different, but there’s no denying that there is in fact the ability to engage in the act of comparison – simply comparing one thing to another.

Wow Susan, spoken like a true lawyer.

I think the lips are very similar. As for Susan’s cheeks, she’s leaning over, which is probably pushing up her cheeks. The extra pound would be very noticeable in the face too. As soon as Julia started gaining weight, her cheeks have puffed out. I’ll need to put more pictures of Julia on line. Once I find time, of course!

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