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Ocean City, Part 1

We went to Ocean City, MD for a few days last week.

The first day there, we went to the Boardwalk and played on the beach. Julia and Kaitlyn loved playing in the sand and going in the ocean. It was quite the departure from their last visit to the beach last year.

But that’s not all we did while in Ocean City. More pictures to come later in the week.

6 replies on “Ocean City, Part 1”

All the pictures are so cute. Looks like KayKay takes her sand digging seriously. Ju looks like she just loves laying on the sand.

They open up if I click the thumbnails from the post, but they won’t open up if I go to the gallery to see the rest of the photos. Very strange.

Got it.

Yeah, that’s some odd stuff going on with the gallery. If you go to, you can go through the gallery that way, and it actually works. For some reason, it doesn’t work through the blog interface until you actually look at the pictures through the gallery interface. It’s really weird.

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