Julia, Kaitlyn, Photos

Ocean City, Part 3

We finished up our vacation in Ocean City by taking a ride in a pontoon boat. The kids loved it. There was practically no traffic out on the bay and it was absolutely beautiful.

Being out in the sun like that for two hours wiped the kids out. Julia and Kaitlyn struggled to stay awake after our two hour tour. But they slept quite well on the way back home.

Julia, Kaitlyn, Photos

Ocean City, Part 2

After playing on the beach to start off our vacation in Ocean City, it seemed like a fun idea to go crabbing. So we got some traps, and found out that crabs like to each chicken necks. We couldn’t find any, so drumsticks would have to do.

It was windy that day, so it was hard to see into the water. We never really knew if we had caught any crabs, so we pulled up our crab traps randomly.

At the end of our adventure, I ended up catching two crabs. Dad and Isaac didn’t catch any. Skill? Not a chance. I just got lucky.

Julia, Kaitlyn, Photos

Ocean City, Part 1

We went to Ocean City, MD for a few days last week.

The first day there, we went to the Boardwalk and played on the beach. Julia and Kaitlyn loved playing in the sand and going in the ocean. It was quite the departure from their last visit to the beach last year.

But that’s not all we did while in Ocean City. More pictures to come later in the week.