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RIP, Pebble

After getting some more supplies last night for Pebble, like more food and a little house/treasure chest thing, we came home to find Pebble floating on it’s side. We told Julia that Pebble was “sleeping,” and after Julia went to bed, Pebble got a proper “burial.”

So that concludes our mini-adventure into Julia’s first fish. What’s the next pet we have to look forward to? A hamster? A gerbil? Maybe another fish?

2 replies on “RIP, Pebble”

Ohhh, that’s sad. Not surprising, but still sad. Since you already have the supplies, maybe another fish is in order – but one from the pet store that might stand a chance of living more than a few days. I bet Julia would have a blast picking one out.

We would actually be starting with pretty much nothing except some fish food and a little house. We’re not going to waste our time with another bowl, so that means getting a real fish tank with an aerator, and all the associated junk that goes with it.

Yesterday, Julia did ask about Pebble, and Sharon told her that Pebble went to the big pond at the farm to be with it’s friends. Julia kind of nodded, and went on with her business.

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