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Julia’s New Fish – Video

After we got Julia a fish, I took a video of Julia telling Pebble to eat. I can’t help but share it, it’s just that cute.

Eat Pebble, Eat

6 replies on “Julia’s New Fish – Video”

That is the cutest thing ever! I hope Pebble is still alive by the time I get up there.

So cute! A child’s laughter is a wonderful thing. I hope that Pebble has a better life than some of my goldfish over the years….

So, yeah, about Pebble… Pebble didn’t quite make it through yesterday. I had this post queued up from a couple days ago. It was good while it lasted. Julia definitely enjoyed watching Pebble for those few days.

The video is really adorable. Sorry to hear about Pebble’s early demise. Maybe Aunt Susan can bring BamBam (or whatever Julia decides to name a new fish)with her, especially since all the supplies are available. An aerator might help the next fish survive a little longer.

Hmm, I’m not sure how well a fish would survive the trip…but I’d love to take her to a pet store to pick out a new one!

Oh my f*ing cuteness!!!!! I am sorry to hear about the death of Pebble, but that video is too cute!!!!

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