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Floating Mylar Balloons

So it’s finally over. The mylar balloon from Julia’s birthday party finally came crashing back to the ground today.

Total time in the air? A whopping 70 days!

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We have one going from October 14th of 2007, that is 271 days, we are hoping it will make a year.

In my post before i did not come off sounding right, i was just excited to find someone else online that would post about this. I was looking around trying to find if there was some sort of record or something for a floating mylar balloon. Ours is a big number 1 for our son’s first birthday.

My wife’s ballon is still up from her birthday on Aug 26th. It’s a mylar one and has been stuck to the ceiling in a hard to reach part of the house ever since. It’s recently moved and instead of lying flat against the ceiling has begun to hang with the bottom down, probably the heaviest part.

Will keep ya posted if you’re interested.


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