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Greensboro is #3!

In having lousy drivers, that is.

Not surprisingly, Greensboro came in #97 out of 100 cities when it came to good drivers. I’ve known for a long time that the drivers around here are just bad. Tailgating, no signals, running red lights, speeding, ignoring lane markings, it’s all normal around here. It’s amazing that car insurance is as cheap as it is.

The best cities? Des Moines, IA; Jersey City, NJ; and New York City.

One reply on “Greensboro is #3!”

DC is #73….it’s pretty bad here. Not only do the circles trip people up, but people constantly run red lights and change lanes unexpectedly. Oh, that and the buses keep killing people.

NYC is actually very good, as much as people might hate driving there. I was always most comfortable driving around NYC. It’s not like you can really speed in many places there, and it might seem crazy to outsiders, but the drivers really do know what they’re doing.

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