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I just wanted to take a moment to comment on an experience we had last week with a repair tech from Sears earlier in the week.

Our ice maker had stopped working in our 15 month old fridge. Naturally, the warranty was for 12 months. A repair tech came out, fiddled with it for a couple minutes, and amazingly came to the conclusion that the motor was shot and needed to be replaced.

Why was it amazing? According to Sharon, he never actually looked at the motor.

Then we found that that a replacement would run us about $240. Thanks, but no thanks. It takes a whole lot of inconvenient manual ice making to add up to $240. So we paid the $60 for the visit (all of ten minutes), and he left.

Later that night, we heard an odd noise come from the fridge. It was familiar, and Sharon and I just looked at each other. Water had started to fill the ice tray. A little while later, we heard the familiar crash of ice into the bucket. Apparently, the motor wasn’t shot, like our repair tech had told us.

Now I admit, the ice maker still doesn’t seem to be perfect, but it is making ice, and it’s most of it is making it into the bucket. Some of it still gets stuck on it’s way down.

At this point, I don’t think we are going to deal with Sears again if (when?) something happens to the fridge. And I would be hard pressed to actually get another appliance from there again.

So, in closing, many thanks a lot Sears for trying to sell us something we didn’t need!

(BTW, thanks to The Consumerist for popularizing the term “Blogobitchin.” I’m not that creative to come up with something like that…)
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One reply on “Blogobitchin!”

Wow thanks for the tip….the fridge in our new house sucks and I need to get a new fridge (stainless steel of course!! with lots of room for beer!!) so I won’t be visiting the helpful appliance folks at Sears….

I think the bigger question is why did a “motor” on a flippin’ fridge become “shot” on a 15 month fridge!!! My parents have had the same fridge for like 15 years…..that sounds a little fishy to me….

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