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I’m making another attempt at adding an inline video. Here goes…
Update: I’ve tried on a few different PCs, and it comes up on this page pretty randomly for me. However, it appears on the post page all the time for me. So click the link below to continue on to the post page…

Any problems? Let me know in the comments below.

5 replies on “Test Video”

the video loaded and played fine. The only problem is that Julia and the surrounding area is dark and we can’t see Julia. I don’t know if that is a poblem with the video or the uploading process, but that is all I see as a problem. Dad

No, that’s just the video I chose to work with. You can thank the lights in the background for making Julia hard to see.

ditto to your update – i only see it when i click on the link or on the message title to go to the other page. it doesn’t show up when i go to the blog itself. i can see julia just fine – it’s a little dark, but not bad. probably the superiority of a mac screen (sorry, had to).

Now I admit Macs are superior in many things, but the screen? Hmm… All these flat screens are probably outsourced to the same few Chinese manufacturers anyway.

Maybe the problem lies in the person viewing the video?

I can see the video just fine…ON MY PC!!!!!…but I also used Firefox and not Microsoft’s Browser/Virus

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