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Mini Deep Fryer

Deep FryerIt’s a mini deep fryer. You know, for when it’s just too much work to take your Fry Daddy out and make some greasy fried foods.

What’s next? One for taking on the road? One for the bedroom?

If you just need to have something like this, chance are, you probably really don’t need it. Chances are, nobody needs this.

Then again, you can fry up some Coke and avoid going to the state fair all together.

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One reply on “Mini Deep Fryer”

What a ridiculous way to look at the mini deep fryer.

It shouldn’t be the one you take out when you don’t want to take out your Fry Daddy… it should be the only one you have in the first place. This is PLENTY big for any family.

If this doesn’t supply you with enough fried food to satify your taste buds, then you probably eat too much junk.

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