A Quick Rant, Part 3

My car is finally fixed. And it only took three trips to the dealer. To recap:

    Called on 9/25 to schedule the first appointment for 9/27. The purpose of that trip was to get the car inspected, get the oil changed, and get the emergency brake cable replaced.
    On 9/27, I go to the dealer, wait for two hours, and find out that they don’t have the e-brake cable. They have changed the oil though, so I guess I don’t go home with nothing. But they won’t do the inspection because the e-brake “won’t hold enough weight.” They order the cable, it arrives 9/29, and I get a call to schedule another appointment for 10/2.
    On 10/2, I go back. Wait another two hours. Find out that they missed a part and they need to reorder. But this time, they pass my inspection. I guess the e-brake was good enough for the inspection this time.
    Call on 10/11 to find out status of cable. Cable just arrived. Schedule third appointment on 10/17.
    Third appointment on 10/17. Car fixed in about two hours.

So all in all, I got to wait for six hours for this e-brake cable to get fixed. After all this, there are a couple obvious things to suggest.

  • How about checking your inventory when scheduling an appointment where you know something is going to be replaced?
  • Shouldn’t there be a parts list to check when getting parts in?
  • One more thing. Just a quick thanks to President Bush. You came to Greensboro yesterday, pushed the awful No Child Left Behind Act, raised $600,000 for the RNC, and left. Oh yeah, you blocked up traffic all along my commute home, so a 30 minute ride took nearly an hour. Thanks!

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