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Picture Showcase #10

There are some more posted pictures in the gallery. Lately, she has discovered that apples taste pretty good, but finds that her gums don’t work very well when trying to eat them. On the tooth front, there is one that is clearly visible. It won’t take too long until that tooth is chomping away at an apple.

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The problem is fixed (I hope!) I ran out of space.

Lunarpages gives you 5GB of space, but they only start you with 1GB. When you get close to full, you need to ask for more space, 500MB at a time.

Why not just give me the space in the first place? Why not run a little script that monitors for when you are close to running out, then increasing that quota?

I take back my earlier comment about Lunarpages. I only started with 1GB, asked for the upgrade, and was given my full allotment (5GB). That’s much easier than asking for 500MB at a time, and I’m happy to have all my space available now. Thanks, Lunarpages.

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