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May I go potty?

The leader of the most powerful country in the free world appears to need permission before going to the bathroom. Not only that, he isn’t exactly sure he needs to use the bathroom. The scribble says “I think I may need a bathroom break?”

I know when I need to go the bathroom. Heck, even my cat knows when she needs to go. Of course, this is getting blown way out of proportion. But hey, it’s fun to make fun of him.

One reply on “May I go potty?”

I agree that it is funny, but I think you’re right that it has gotten blown out of proportion. In a situation like that, if the POTUS just got up (I don’t know if anyone was speaking at the time, but I would assume so) and headed for the exit, it might be perceived as some huge slight to the speaker or the UN or whoever. This is a rare situation where I’d say he did the right thing by making sure he wasn’t going to offend anyone.

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