Non-returnable toliet seat

I learned a lesson from Home Depot today. You can not return a toilet seat after the plastic wrap has been removed.

We purchased a toliet seat yesterday, hoping to replace one of the nastier toliet seats left behind. I opened the box, ripped off the plastic wrap, and noticed the hinge was cracked. Today, I returned to the store, only to find out that if it has been opened, it can not be returned. I was completely stunned by this, not thinking that someone might actually “use” the toliet seat, then have the gall to return it. It had a crack, I wanted to exchange it for one without a crack.

After a couple minutes, some bewildered looks, and a call for a manager, the person from plumbing called back. They would take it back, after all. Of course, when I went back to get another one, there were none of the style we picked left. So I had to spend a couple dollars more to get a similar, uncracked, toliet seat.

So if there’s a lesson to be learned here, it’s this – Examine a toliet seat before removing the plastic wrap. A strange lesson for sure.