Debit Card Fees on Unemployment Benefits

How low is this?

There are many states, including PA, that have an option to give unemployment benefits in the form of a debit card. This is fine and good, except that you incur fees on every little thing, like checking a balance ($0.40), accessing your account by phone ($0.35), or, get this, the privilege of getting your card declined ($0.50).

Why in the world would states go for this? Someone must be getting a nice kickback for these deals, because something here sure stinks.

One reply on “Debit Card Fees on Unemployment Benefits”

I saw this story and the first thing I thought was that my unemployment benefits would be basically useless to me as a debit card. It would be kind of hard to pay my bills with it if the money isn’t in my checking account. I don’t understand why these states wouldn’t just use direct deposit instead, or at least offer it as a third option so you can choose between direct deposit, debit card, or paper check. The fees are just ridiculous, especially for every little thing.

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