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Back Again

After a long absence, I’m going to fire up this blog again.

So what’s happened in the last couple months?

  • Kaitlyn turned 2 a few weeks ago. We went to the Please Touch Museum for her birthday instead of having a party. But then we ended up having an impromptu gathering anyway.
  • I was in Chicago for a couple days in May, then in Phoenix for 10 days in June, then in New Orleans for a day and Dallas for a day. All work related stuff.
  • We went to NY for 4th of July.
  • Julia has finally done #2 on the potty – after an epic struggle. Though it seems like no amount of bribes can help get her to do with any regularity.
  • Rick, Niki, Collin, and Caelie visited for a couple days. We went to Philly and saw all the historical stuff – Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, but not the Mint. No cameras allowed, and with nowhere to leave it, we’re out of luck.

Stay tuned for some more pictures too. I’ve got some queued up already, and more are at the ready.


Debit Card Fees on Unemployment Benefits

How low is this?

There are many states, including PA, that have an option to give unemployment benefits in the form of a debit card. This is fine and good, except that you incur fees on every little thing, like checking a balance ($0.40), accessing your account by phone ($0.35), or, get this, the privilege of getting your card declined ($0.50).

Why in the world would states go for this? Someone must be getting a nice kickback for these deals, because something here sure stinks.


The Three Branches of Government

Can you name them?

If so, you’re in the minority. Only 1/3 can name all three branches. (Link)

How can 2/3 of the people not know? It’s basic civics knowledge!

Look after the jump if you really need to check out what the branches are.