Debit Card Fees on Unemployment Benefits

How low is this?

There are many states, including PA, that have an option to give unemployment benefits in the form of a debit card. This is fine and good, except that you incur fees on every little thing, like checking a balance ($0.40), accessing your account by phone ($0.35), or, get this, the privilege of getting your card declined ($0.50).

Why in the world would states go for this? Someone must be getting a nice kickback for these deals, because something here sure stinks.


Quick PSA: When not to attend a party

If your child is sick the night before a party, please please please, don’t bring that child to that party. We understand, and we wouldn’t take our sick child to your party.

Kaitlyn was ill last night, and left us with quite a mess to clean up. Now this wouldn’t have been as bad if Kaitlyn were in her own room. But she was in our room, along with Julia, because the family was in town and using their rooms.

So imagine trying clean up a vomit covered crib at midnight, with Julia fast asleep only a few feet away. If Julia wakes up, count on losing another hour trying to get her back to sleep. Good times.


Gas Tax Holiday

I’m glad to see nearly everyone is opposed to this gas tax holiday. Even better is that most people see it as a completely transparent attempt, especially on Clinton’s side, as attempting to court votes.

While we’re at it, why not have an income tax holiday for a few weeks in the summer? That would help a lot more than just repealing that silly old 18.4 cents per gallon tax. We need a real tax holiday, people! Sure, the government doesn’t need that money. They can just borrow it any have someone else pay for it later. It’s that thinking that has balloned our deficit to $9,361,427,723,127.68 (as of 9 May 2008 at 02:08:35 AM GMT) or over $30,000 per person.

Maybe we should start thinking about how we’re going to start paying that down?