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Catching Up…

I haven’t exactly been writing a whole lot this month, and I really haven’t said much about Julia lately. She is doing great, and has been learning all sorts of new things. Still not walking, but cruising all over the place. Sharon lines up the furniture and some toys so Julia can cruise throughout the living room and dining room. Julia is also learning to put shapes in her shape sorter (circles so far, no triangles or squares), babbling on and on, saying Mommy and Daddy every once in a while, and ‘playing’ the xylophone. In fact, Julia absolutely loves the mallet that came with the xylophone, she crawls around with it, hitting stuff, scraping it across tables, the floor, the cat tree, whatever is around.

I posted some pictures last week too. Here’s some I like.

5485 5420 5280

One reply on “Catching Up…”

I’d like to make a correction. Julia can in fact get the squares and triangles in the shape sorter.. It isn’t as easy for her, but she can do it. She easily gets frustrated and throws a fit if she can’t do it quickly. Another of the many traits she got from her Daddy.

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