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Pictures of the Week

I’ve just uploaded some more pictures. Sorry for skipping last week, we’ve been pretty busy lately.

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i LOVE this one. she looks like she’s well on her way to a life of thuggery and rap stardom.

Those Bastone eyes are certainly developing and the eyelashes are getting much longer! You’ll be getting comments from strangers about how big her eyes are just like I did when you guys were little. By the way, I could live without the ones of Julia spitting up! I want to be reaching for the diaper to wipe her chin.

I was in the middle of taking some pictures, and I was ready to take a picture when she started spitting up. So I figured it would look pretty funny to take the picture. And after I took it, Sharon and I thought it was really funny.

I guess it’s that Somers humor…

We’ve also gotten comments about her already. It’s amazing how many people will just start talking to you when they see you with a baby!

i can’t believe how she’s looking more and more like we did when we were babies. it’s amazing! i think you should compare pictures now, of you as a baby.

Hey Julia has a couple Fox genes in her too.. She didn’t get all her good looks from her daddy.

You’re right, Joe. The Somers humor is a little on the weird side. And, Sharon, I know what you mean about there being genes coming from the maternal side. I think I was just the incubator.

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