Spoiled Rich Kids

I ran across an article in the NYT describing excessive Sweet 16 parties. It’s from a few days back, but just reading it annoyed me.

Who in their right mind is going to spend $200k on a Sweet 16 party? As if to further divide the haves and have-nots, MTV is promoting this craziness.

One of the quotes from a father basically says he’s got the money, so why not do it? I’ll tell you why. If you give your daughter a Mercedes convertible and diamond jewelry for her sweet 16, what’s left for graduation? Or marriage? That’s already answered for us. For graduating high school, the older daughter got a Bentley, diamonds, and two homes in India. Was the older daughter surprised? Yeah, she was only expecting a Bentley and one home.

Who are these people? Clearly, they have no sense of the value of a dollar. Who gives a teenager a $165,000 car? Who spends $200,000 on a sweet 16 party? Why not do something sensible, like putting that money towards college?

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I’ve watched that Sweet 16 on MTV. One kid was the daughter of a car dealership owner and he got her 2 cars. Its just a bunch of spoiled brats getting whatever they want. Another kid was LA Reid’s son…he’s a big producer and he had Kanye West, Mariah Carey, Puff Daddy all at his kids parts. It is ridculous. People get money and just absolutely lose their mind


Even if I was a millionaire many times over, Julia still isn’t going to be getting outlandish parties like what they describe. There’s more important things in life than trying to out-do someone else.

i read that article last week and was disgusted too. my favorite quote was from the girl in i think florida toward the end who basically said, any parent who has the means financially and loves their kid would spend this kind of money on them. ummm, no. any parent who’s too busy not being a parent spends this kind of money on their kid, cause they’re clearly making up for something. i agree, even if i have a ton of money one day, my kid is not getting a $200K sweet 16. or a $200K wedding for that matter. it’s all crazy.

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