Welcome Home, Julia!


We’re home!

After three long days in the hospital, Mom and Julia were discharged from the hospital. Julia is doing very well, and has managed to keep both Mom and Dad up for most of the last couple nights. She likes to sleep and be quiet during the day, but at night, she tends to stay a bit more fussy. And that doesn’t exactly bode well for Sharon and me.

Since I haven’t exactly had a lot of time to do much of anything, I’m only uploading 11 pictures today. I’ve developed the pictures from my film camera, and I’m going to try and get some of them up this weekend. Maybe during one of Julia’s middle of the night fits…

Anyway, thank you for all the support I’ve seen on the site! We really do appreciate it! I also promise to reply to these messages. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

Link to brand new pictures.

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Hi Joe, Sharon and Julia! We just wanted to leave you a note to let you know the sleepless nights will soon be over. I know it doesn’t help much right now… but we do know exactly how hard it is. Jacob started sleeping more at around 2 to 2 1/2 months. Our advice is to sleep when Julia sleeps… don’t worry about the house, laundry, or dishes… just enjoy the few minutes of sleep. 🙂 She is absolutely beautiful, we can’t wait to see her! Jacob is excited that he will have someone to play with when we all get together!


Julia is a beautiful baby. Even though she is keeping you up at night enjoy every moment they grow up so fast. We have 5 and it seems like they were just babies yesterday. Best wishes to all of you.

Congrats and Best Wishes to the both of you becoming MOMMY and DADDY to JULIA

bring on the pictures! i can’t stop looking at them. and i can’t tell you how proud i am to show her off! i’ve been gushing about her to anyone who will listen.

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