It’s a Girl!

BabySharon went into labor yesterday, a little earlier than we had expected. Here’s the short of it: her water broke around 3:45am yesterday, we got to the hospital around 4:30am, and she had the baby at 11:47pm. I’m not getting into the how and why right now, but doing more of a picture dump for all too see.

Any way, the details: Sharon had a girl, 8 lbs. 1 oz, 20″, born at 11:47pm on 2/7/06. It’s not official yet, but we are leaning towards naming her Julia. I can’t even explain how I feel right now. It’s just an incredible feeling.

Now for the pictures. Link to Baby Gallery.

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i’m still getting used to thinking of you as a father. it’s so weird! she is absolutely, incredibly, amazingly cute, and i can’t wait to see her in person.

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