Baby Shower

Happy Sharon

Sharon’s baby shower was this past Saturday, and we had a pretty good turnout. There were about 15 people that came, and everyone had a good time.

We would have loved it if everyone were able to make it, but seeing how everyone is all over the place, it just isn’t possible.

A big thanks to Vanessa, Jen, Rachel, and Angie to putting together the whole event. And another big thanks to everyone for the presents! Everything we got is extremely useful, and will definitely be put to good use.

Angie and Vanessa took a lot of pictures of the whole event, and I’ve posted them to the image gallery. If (for some reason), you want a higher resolution of a picture, just drop me a line.

3 replies on “Baby Shower”

Okay – I have to ask. What’s everybody smelling in the diapers? It certainly doesn’t look very pleasant and I’m hoping it’s not what normally goes in diapers.

It’s baby food. I guess it still smells pretty bad. As for looks, well, I don’t need to go into that.

So in one form or another, it will end up in the diapers.

Awesome pics! I had a great time at the shower and it was good seeing everyone. I’m bummed about one thing though……I left my chocolates at your house 😦 I guess that’s a sign I don’t need em. You can enjoy or better yet pass out to all your skinny friends 🙂

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