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Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?

So what’s better for the environment, a real Christmas tree or a fake one? According to this article, real would be a bit better than fake, though both aren’t great.

For fake trees, the argument for them is that they last a long time, so you’re not buying a tree every year. In that sense, they are more economical too. But the fake trees are basically PVC. And during the production of PVC, several carcinogens are produced, which tends to be bad for people living around the factories (primarily in China).

Real trees, on the other hand, don’t have to worry about PVC, or lead, or carcinogens. But they are likely sprayed with pesticides. And getting rid of them in January can pose problems for dumps. Here, I think they take the trees and grind them into mulch.

I go for real trees. Always have, always will. There’s nothing like the smell of a fraser fir tree to make it feel like Christmas.