Fun with Magnets

Magnet Pyramid

I’ve always liked playing with magnets. Sharon and I actually built a magnetic spice rack a few years back, and it still draws attention. We used a pretty weak sheet magnet to get the job done. United Nuclear doesn’t have those kind of magnets. Nope. These are the kind of magnets that will pick something up from a foot away. Here’s a couple choice quotes…

“Our larger magnets can easily bruise fingers and even break finger bones as they attempt to connect together.”
“Our normal packing & shipping personnel refuse to package these magnets – our engineers have to do it.”
“Two of the 3″ x 1″ disc magnets can very easily break your arm if they get out of control.”
“We can only ship these magnets by ground UPS – they cannot be shipped via air as it will interfere with the aircraft’s navigational equipment.”

After all these warnings, they must be fun! Just try to avoid TVs, pacemakers, computers, credit cards, you know, anything that would get destroyed by one of these things.

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I wouldn’t have any use at all for the big magnets. It is useful for holding up tools to a wall, or you can connect it to a rod, and pick up magnetic things that fall behind a counter.

The website says of the “super” magnets: “Uses include magnetic steering of nuclear particles in homemade accelerators, levitation devices, magnetic beam amplifiers, scrap iron separators, etc.”

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