Gabe Kapler ruptures Achilles …

…while rounding second base.

In one of the more bizarre stories in baseball, he somehow managed to rupture his Achilles tendon while round second base on a home run hit by Tony Graffanino. Of course, Graffanino was not allowed to pass by Kapler, or he would have been called out. And Kapler, natuarlly, could not get home.

What to do?

After the umps discussed the situation, a pinch runner came on, ran the bases, and play resumed.

Now is it me, or do baseball players seem to get injuries in the oddest ways? Sammy Sosa sustained some sort of injury sleeping. Kevin Brown (ugh, the Yankees need to get rid of him) has a bad temper and breaks his hand punching the wall. Aaron Boone gets injured playing basketball. And that’s just a couple that I can think of. What other odd injures do you know of?

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Yeah, watch out for A-Rod. He’s a bad man!

How about Pedro Martinez throwing Don Zimmer to the ground? Or was it more like Don Zimmer missing a punch on Pedro, and tumbling around? Whatever it was, it didn’t look right.

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