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Retro Atari

It looks like Atari is jumping on the retro bandwagon by re-releasing the Atari 2600.

In college, I remember driving by a yard sale one weekend, and they had an Atari 2600. We got it, along with a collection of games, and playing a bunch of old-school games. For $30, with 40 games built in, it might be worth looking into.


Danish Air Force kills Rudolf the Reindeer, Santa not happy

Thanks to Susan for pointing out this bizzare story.

Here’s the quick summary. Danish Air Force flies close to ground, scares reindeer named Rudolf to death, literally. Reindeer is part of Christmas celebration used by guy that plays is none other than Santa. Santa complains, gets reimbursed for Rudolf, everyone is happy.

A choice quote: “We got a letter from Santa complaining about his reindeer’s death and looked into it seriously.” If I got a letter from Santa accusing me of killing a reindeer, I would seriously look into it as well.


Happy 50th, Kermit the Frog!

This year marks 50th anniversary of Kermit the Frog. I fondly remember the Muppet Show, and always wonder why it doesn’t come back on TV. That was a wholesome show that appealed to most everyone. I remember a kid I went to school with did a great impression of the Swedish Chef for a talent show in 7th grade. Rubber chickens were flying everywhere.

As a way to recognize the anniversary, the post office released a series of stamps. Who is your favorite muppet?


DARPA Grand Challenge, Part 2

On October 8, a handful of teams will compete in a race involving unmanned vehicles. The goal is to navigate a 150-mile course with no human intervention. Last year, the furthest a team went was 7 miles. Here’s hoping that a team actually completes the race this year.

This is the kind of stuff the government should be sponsoring. I could deal without the inherent military application, but then again, a little bit of that is okay if commercial applications also come out of this. What’s your take?


Photograph your Car Thief

An alarm system has been created that takes a picture of a would-be car thief and send it to your cell phone. It also records it to an on-board hard drive.

Reminds me of the carjacking deterrents in South Africa. It was basically a flamethrower mounted to the bottom of the car. Someone tries to carjack you, hit the switch, and toast the would be thief. Crude, but pretty effective.


Missed Articles, September 26

I was pretty busy last week, so I didn’t get a chance to write about some articles I found.

Voyager 1 crossed the terminination shock last year. It was launched in 1977 and can keep returning information until 2020, if we keep listening for it. It doesn’t cost a whole lot to keep collecting data, and can only return valuable info.

Billions of dollars have already been awarded in no-bid and limted bid contracts for hurricane reconstruction. This sure has a feel that money is being wasted already in the reconstruction effort. Just another classic example of those in power helping out those that got them there at our expense.

A scary story out of London. A guy was detained by the cops basically because he was minding his own business. What gets me though is that no one really cared that they made his life a living hell for hours for nothing.


Ultrasound, Round 2

Sharon had another doctor appointment yesterday, primarily to get an ultrasound. It was amazing to see the baby moving around, and how cramped it really is in there. At first, it wasn’t too hard to pick out features, but after a while, it got a bit harder. Things just kind of started blurring together. I’ve put up the six pictures we got. We don’t know if it’s a boy or girl, so feel free to speculate…

Link to the pictures.


Care to Swear?

An interesting article about how swearing in a natural thing to do.

Some interesting tidbits…

  • A study found that people could better remember obscenities than neutral words.
  • The more relaxed your surroundings, the more likely you are to swear.
  • Swearing can be used to vent stress, and keep physical aggression at bay.
  • So, I guess, feel free to swear. You’ll feel better!

    Photos Random

    May I go potty?

    The leader of the most powerful country in the free world appears to need permission before going to the bathroom. Not only that, he isn’t exactly sure he needs to use the bathroom. The scribble says “I think I may need a bathroom break?”

    I know when I need to go the bathroom. Heck, even my cat knows when she needs to go. Of course, this is getting blown way out of proportion. But hey, it’s fun to make fun of him.


    Gabe Kapler ruptures Achilles …

    …while rounding second base.

    In one of the more bizarre stories in baseball, he somehow managed to rupture his Achilles tendon while round second base on a home run hit by Tony Graffanino. Of course, Graffanino was not allowed to pass by Kapler, or he would have been called out. And Kapler, natuarlly, could not get home.

    What to do?

    After the umps discussed the situation, a pinch runner came on, ran the bases, and play resumed.

    Now is it me, or do baseball players seem to get injuries in the oddest ways? Sammy Sosa sustained some sort of injury sleeping. Kevin Brown (ugh, the Yankees need to get rid of him) has a bad temper and breaks his hand punching the wall. Aaron Boone gets injured playing basketball. And that’s just a couple that I can think of. What other odd injures do you know of?