So I’m in Sydney now for a week, traveling for business. It’s not a bad place to be going to, being my first truly international trip. (I’ve been to Mexico and Jamaica before on cruises, but I really don’t count that.) Seeing as how the time difference is big (+16 hours from PA), I arrived here yesterday (Friday evening PA time, Saturday morning here). We did some sightseeing in the typical places – down by the harbor, seeing the Opera House, all that stuff.

I plan on posting more pictures during the week. Check back during the week.

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Indiana Trip

A few weeks ago, we went to Indiana to visit Sharon’s family and to get Julia baptized. Needless to say, we took a few pictures along the way. In fact, I uploaded so many (16 pages!) that I decided to just create a new album for this trip.


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Another Julia First…

So while heading up to Indiana this weekend for a long overdue visit with Sharon’s family, we started going through the first of two tunnels.

Julia has never been through a tunnel before.

Her reaction was something of a shock. She got all concerned, but didn’t say anything at all. Instead, her eyes got really big, she looked straight ahead, and froze until we got through the tunnel.

By the second tunnel, she really didn’t care anymore. I wonder what will happen this weekend when we head back…

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Election Crap

It’s a little bit dated, but I wanted to throw it out there anyway. I used one of those touchscreen voting machines last Tuesday, and it went incredibly smoothly. While I was making my selections, there was a roll of paper behind plexiglass on the left side that would print every choice I made.

So that was that. No controversy, no nothing, just a very orderly process. Hope it’s like that the next time around.

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If you’re going to travel soon, but haven’t purchased airline tickets yet, check out Farecast. You enter where and when you want to travel, and it tells you if now is a good time to buy. For example, if you are planning to travel from, let’s say, Newark to Greensboro around Christmas, Farecast says that prices are holding steady. And they have 80% confidence that you should buy now.

The flight selection interface is similar to Kayak. For just comparing flight prices I would go with Kayak. But with the fare forcast, I would give Farecast a shot too.

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New TSA Rules

I’m glad to see that the TSA has finally come to their senses and started allowing shampoo and toothpaste back in carry-on luggage. It’s also nice to see that they are allowing people to bring liquids that are purchased after going through security.

But there’s some oddities too. Like it all has to fit in a quart-size “zip-top” bag. Where did that come from? I mean, it just makes sense that you would want to keep all that stuff segregated anyway, in case something leaks. But to mandate it? Weird.

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Fireworks in D.C.

We spent this past Fourth of July in D.C. with Susan and IssacIsaac. We were going to spend the afternoon on the Mall, then go to a high school somewhere north of the Mall that gave us a view of both the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of other people had similar ideas.

We walked down to the Mall and ran into a parade. I think we ran into the end of it, because all we saw were some Vietnam-era helicopters and a group of people celebrating 40 years of Hare Krishna. Then a bunch of cops flew by.

Finally, we made it to the Smithsonian. Where, of course, a bunch of people were standing in line, waiting to get in. But at this point, Julia was not a happy camper. Waiting another 20 minutes in the heat was not an option. So we headed back to the apartment. It ended up being a good thing, though, as a thunderstorm rolled through later in the afternoon.

For the fireworks, we went to a high school somewhere north of the Mall. We got there about half an hour before they started, and there were already several people there. Kids were shooting off those cheap fireworks and sparklers on a fenced-off basketball court. When the fireworks did start, the kids shooting off the fireworks decided they needed to compete. Things started getting out of hand when a couple fireworks popped only a few feet away from us. The fireworks themselves were pretty good. Except for one thing – the smoke from the fireworks drifted into our view.

We gave up and went home. On the way, there were people setting off fireworks of all sorts. It was chaos, just absolutely crazy.

Anyway, here’s a couple pictures from our day there.


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Bastone Family Reunion

I don’t think it was originally intended as such, but the cookout Mom and Dad had sure felt like a family reunion. Sure, everyone except Sharon, Julia, and me were much more able to get together for a get together. But now Susan and Issac are in D.C., so it will be harder for them to get to NY, and it was hard enough for Sharon, Julia, and me to get up there. (You try making four 5-hour trips with a 5-month old over the course of 7 days.)

So we made the most of it, passing Julia around to whoever would hold her. And, as we’ve always done, we took pictures of Julia with whoever was holding her. Since there were so many pictures, I’ve started a new album in the gallery.

And a couple of pictures I liked:



I Hate I-81

Why is there always construction on I-81 somewhere in Pennsylvania? Now I don’t travel on it a lot, maybe once or twice a year on my way to NY. But without fail, there is some major section of I-81 that is under construction. Many years ago, it was under construction around Scranton. Now that that’s complete, they’ve moved south.

Now I-81 in Pa. is not alone. Here in Greensboro, I-40 was had been under construction for several years when I first moved here. It was finally (mostly) completed last year, and there’s already plans for more road work around here. But I-81 is horrible. I can’t stand it.

Do you have a road you just absolutely hate?


Myrtle Beach

We took a trip to Myrtle Beach a couple weeks ago with my parents and had a good time while dodging the rain. Here’s a couple pictures I took. I was tinkering with my settings on the camera to get the shot taken at night.

Myrtle Beach during the day

Myrtle Beach at night