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Fireworks in D.C.

We spent this past Fourth of July in D.C. with Susan and IssacIsaac. We were going to spend the afternoon on the Mall, then go to a high school somewhere north of the Mall that gave us a view of both the Capitol and the Washington Monument. Unfortunately, a whole bunch of other people had similar ideas.

We walked down to the Mall and ran into a parade. I think we ran into the end of it, because all we saw were some Vietnam-era helicopters and a group of people celebrating 40 years of Hare Krishna. Then a bunch of cops flew by.

Finally, we made it to the Smithsonian. Where, of course, a bunch of people were standing in line, waiting to get in. But at this point, Julia was not a happy camper. Waiting another 20 minutes in the heat was not an option. So we headed back to the apartment. It ended up being a good thing, though, as a thunderstorm rolled through later in the afternoon.

For the fireworks, we went to a high school somewhere north of the Mall. We got there about half an hour before they started, and there were already several people there. Kids were shooting off those cheap fireworks and sparklers on a fenced-off basketball court. When the fireworks did start, the kids shooting off the fireworks decided they needed to compete. Things started getting out of hand when a couple fireworks popped only a few feet away from us. The fireworks themselves were pretty good. Except for one thing – the smoke from the fireworks drifted into our view.

We gave up and went home. On the way, there were people setting off fireworks of all sorts. It was chaos, just absolutely crazy.

Anyway, here’s a couple pictures from our day there.


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Hi! Just for a point of information, Isaac is spelled with 2 “a’s”, not 2 “s’s”. Thought you should know!


And just to nitpick, “a’s” and “s’s” are not in possession of anything. Thus, the apostrophe is not needed.

wouldn’t it look funny (and sort of confusing) to write it “as” and “ss”?

It would look a bit odd. It could be written as “As” or “Ss” but then you’re looking at “As” instead of the letter “A” multiple times.

We could have ignored all that if Mom just said Isaac was spelled incorrectly. (Sorry Isaac!)

And this whole thing would have never happened in the first place if I knew how to spell.

Wow! I never expected all that dialogue about the letters a and s and apostrophes. (Thank you, Susan, for defending me!)

i am a deputized officer of the grammar police, but sometimes exceptions must be made.

Joe Freaking MaMa, how could you go to DC and not visit me! I live there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Did all those cold nights, of sleeping in the same room make you not want to visit!?!?!?!

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