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If you’re going to travel soon, but haven’t purchased airline tickets yet, check out Farecast. You enter where and when you want to travel, and it tells you if now is a good time to buy. For example, if you are planning to travel from, let’s say, Newark to Greensboro around Christmas, Farecast says that prices are holding steady. And they have 80% confidence that you should buy now.

The flight selection interface is similar to Kayak. For just comparing flight prices I would go with Kayak. But with the fare forcast, I would give Farecast a shot too.

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Hmmm, I wonder who would be travelling from Newark to Greensboro at Christmas?

Sweet this is awesome! They need to do the Albany airport cause that is where I usually fly. I would like JFKofHell or LaGuardiamadefromSatan….they are too crowded and too time consuming for me…esp around the holidays and after traveling for 7 or 8 hours…

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