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Picture Gallery #25

I’m catching up again on pictures. There are another ~150 pictures in the galleries now. I think these were from about a month ago.

This picture is one of my favorite pictures of Kaitlyn. She wasn’t actually mad or upset, it’s just the facial expression when I took the picture.

10891 11231 11101
10726 11371 11386

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3 replies on “Picture Gallery #25”

What cutie patooties! I was so excited to see a picture update! I love the black and pink dresses. Be-you-tee-full girls ya have there!! 🙂

[…] Continuing from the previous batch of pictures I uploaded recently, we went to the park last month and took some pictures with our new camera. Sharon was starting to get sick of waiting on the flash to recharge on the old camera, and wasn’t too wild with the picture quality anymore, so we took the plunge on a Canon Rebel XTi. So you may notice that the pictures are starting to look a little different now. It’s just with the new camera. […]

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