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Welcome Home!

Kaitlyn came home today! It’s only been two days since she was born, but both she and Mom are doing well enough to come home a day early. So far, our early fears of Julia not taking to Kaitlyn very well have (very thankfully) not come to pass.

Kaitlyn has also been (knock on wood) easier to care for than Julia when we first got home. Maybe it’s the experience, or maybe it’s the fact that Kaitlyn just sleeps all the time, or maybe it’s the fact we’ve got wonderful help lined up for the next month. Whatever it is, I’m hoping it lasts.

There’s also an adorable video that I’ll be working to get up by Monday. Keep checking back here for more updates.

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Welcome home! I wanted to vote for “all of the above” but it wasn’t an option so I chose “beautiful”! What is Kaitlyn’s middle name? We love all of the new pictures! Is Sharon training her on the proper thumb sucking technique already? 🙂

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