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Julia, Dancing (Part 2)

Julia is caught dancing in this video.

We had gotten a little pool from Petsmart to let Julia play in when it gets hot outside. While she was playing in the pool, the neighbor behind us started practicing on the drums. That’s all that Julia needed to start dancing. She even applauds herself at the end.

Look for the video after the jump.

If you don’t see a video, and only a link, try downloading it and playing it using the Free Riva FLV Player (look at the bottom of the page).

3 replies on “Julia, Dancing (Part 2)”

That was just too cute! I started flipping back through some of the old pictures and Julia has changed so much even from such short a time as Easter.

I have to say she takes right after her Grandma Marilyn. Great pricturs, keep up the good work.

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