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Tattoo Your Toddler

This site is all about tattooing your toddler.

What should we get tattooed on Julia? Maybe one of those bands around the arm? Or maybe a dolphin on the ankle? Technically, the site says it’s for ages 2 to 17, but I think we could convince them that Julia is close enough to 2 to count.

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9 replies on “Tattoo Your Toddler”

You realize this will be on your child for up to 10 years without fading? That’s just before it fades…there’s no guarantee on how long it will last all together. A tattoo is a personal choice that an adult should make about their own body. I’m 17 years old, have 16 piercings and will hopefully be apprenticing at a tattoo shop in the fall, and even with my love for body art and mod, see this as a bad idea. I would personally be pissed if my parents put something on my body at the age 2 that will last 10 years. I wouldn’t do it at all. Get her a cute temp. tattoo that will wash off in a couple weeks. Wait until she’s old enough to make the choice herself.

You did realize it was an April Fools joke, right? 😉

I couldn’t even imagine putting Julia through that. She got super pissed when a nurse tried to take a blood sample a couple months back. That was just one prick on her finger.

You guys copied the radio station in Fargo, ND. Good one. Come up with your own Pranks!! Your pathetic!!

B-Rad: huh? Who is you guys? I saw it, thought it was funny, and linked to it. Where’s the copying of the prank? And to be called pathetic over that? Wow…

Okay, first of all, who the h*ll is B-Rad?
Why are you so offended by this and so defensive in your response?
Nobody attacked your opinion and very much agree it’s wrong to put a tattoo on a minor. It’s just a joke, and mostly meant for our family. Finally, I know nothing of proper grammar, but even I know it’s not “Your Pathetic”. It is “You are Pathetic” or “You’re Pathetic”. I hope you double check your spelling and grammar when you start doing tattoos.

Wow, Joe, it might be time to password protect the site. Where are these people coming from?

You know, I don’t mind all the comments. Some of them just don’t make sense, but that’s okay. Everyone is entitled to an opinion, and as long as they keep it clean, and I don’t think it’s spam, I’ll allow it. Now they might look foolish doing it, but that’s if that’s what they want, so be it. I would hope that people that comment on this site keep it civil, and by and large, it has stayed that way. If it looks like a thread is getting out of control, I’m going to pull the reins in pretty quickly, probably by closing comments for that particular post, or withholding comments altogether for a period of time.

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