Jeopardy Three Way Tie

So there was a three way tie on Jeopardy last Friday. So they all won $16,000 each, and got to play again today. Seeing that gave me an idea.

What if three people managed to team up on Jeopardy and colluded to make for a three way tie every night? It would be pretty simple – the person in last at the final clue bets nothing, the others the the final question wrong and bet enough to get to the person in last. You get a three way tie, everyone gets as much as the person in last, and they do it again tomorrow. Sure, it would make for a boring show, but they would keep on going. Of course, greed would just take over, and someone would bet enough to win.

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Joe, only you would think of something like that!!! Just another reason I’m proud to call you son!!

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