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Julia, Walking

So Julia has been getting a bit more brazen in her attempts to walk. We finally decided to try and record one the attempts.

Now she can walk, and has been able to for a few weeks now. The problem is the desire to walk. Right now, she can crawl faster than she can walk, so crawling wins out. I have a feeling it won’t be too long until she starts walking faster than she can crawl.

Until then, I’m okay with Julia continuing to crawl. The sooner she walks, the sooner she is getting into even more stuff.

Click the link below to view a video of Julia walking.

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7 replies on “Julia, Walking”

Susan, you should be able to see the video between the “Click link below…” and the “Technorati Tags…”. If not, you can download it here.

Joe, the link doesn’t work on IE. Dave had to download Mozilla for us to see it. I knew I wasn’t completely crazy… yet! 🙂 I love Julia walking! She looks like a little drunk sailor (just like Jacob still does). Too Cute! Thanks for sharing!!

That is just too cute! I’m so impressed that she’s able to get up and down on the ball. Julia is becoming such a big girl – I’m not quite ready to lose my baby yet!

She sure growing up fast isn’t she. Well I predicted you would be upset that Julia isn’t a baby anymore, so that’s why I’m making you another one.

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