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Zeitgeist 2006

As I was looking at the Google Zeitgeist for 2006, I was saddened to learn that the most popular search term was for something I had never heard of. (It’s bebo, a site like myspace.)

After looking at that, I thought of looking at some of the searches on Google that brought people here. Here’s a few of the search terms that somehow landed someone here:

  • wmds+under+president+desk+video – I have no idea about that one.
  • thief under car achilles tendon – What does being under a car have to do with an Achilles tendon?
  • greensboro mulch online ordering – Mulch doesn’t seem to be the kind of product I can see ordering online. The shipping costs must be outrageous…
  • does george bush believe the sun revolves around earth – I hope not. He’s not that dumb.
  • why get TPed? – Why not?
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    There is a story behind the Achilles tendon/thief search.. Apparently some potential car thieves wait under people’s parked cars until they come back.. Then when the victim is close enough the thief slashes their Achilles tendon with a knife rendering them immobile and steal the now unlocked car. Totally Gross.. I don’t know if it ever happened or it was another forward sent around to scare people. Either way I do tend to look under my car especially in parking garages.

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